How To Make Your Work Space A Place Your Employees Will Love?

Whether your target is more efficient work getting done, or running for an “employer of the year” competition, here are a few tips that ensure that your employees will love their work place…

Make it a stress free zone

One of the hardest parts about working, ironically, happens to be difficult bosses. Research says that most people don’t really mind having to work a little harder, or stay after hours, as far as they are working with a cooperative team and boss. Minimize the yelling and the criticizing. Adopt the habit of public praising, but private reprimanding. Motivate and encourage them to do better instead of simply yelling at them for a botched up job. Remember to lead by example; if you are polite and supportive to your employees, those working under you will also have to work accordingly.

Accessible for all

Thankfully, the current world is one that is in general, accessible for all. People of all races and ethnicities work together, and in most workplaces, age is but a simple number; for now, we know age does not equal to experience or intelligence. However, there are still some workplaces that are not very accessible for disabled people. Wheelchair accessibility is a must if you don’t want this; and disability lifts are a simple and quick solution for this.

Encourage after work socializing

One of the easiest ways to make sure you don’t feel caged in or overly stressed out at work, is to make friends at your work place. However, socializing within the work hours is not very practical; there’s just too many deadlines to meet and too many things that demand your attention. Instead, encourage your employees to hang out after work. While food will generally break the ice, sweating it off together at a gym will also forge a solid bond between your employees. It’s also a good idea to encourage healthy work place habits like bringing their own lunches (as opposed to ordering) or taking the stairs instead of passenger lifts.

A break from the work and work related stress

Highly stressful jobs can get exhausting pretty fast. Taking a few minutes off between tasks is generally encouraged, simply because it helps you focus and work more efficiently after. Make your employees break time worth it. have a break room, furnished with a kitchenette or at least a coffee machine. Having a comfy sofa in there will also help if they simply want to rest their back for a few seconds by lying down. Remember, it’s been proven that grabbing a 20 minute power nap can rejuvenate the mind and amp up the creativity; so perhaps it’s a good idea to turn a blind eye if an employee decides to snooze for a few seconds…!



4 Things To Do Before Starting A Shop

In this retail and consumer based culture running a shop is a great business to start. There are many options for you to choose from and depending on your passions and experiences you can offer your services to a whole range of customers. No matter what kind of a shop you plan to run there are a few things you need to pay attention to.

Market Research

Before you invest your money in a shop it is best to do some market research. You might have great ideas but if you’re not meeting a need of the market you won’t be able to succeed. Market research and come in many shapes and forms ranging from a marketing survey to a quick google search. You need to research on your customers, what they want and most importantly who your competitors are going to be. If you start things off with proper research you have better chances of being successful.


The venue is very important when it comes to business and this is vital to the success of your shop. People rarely go in search of looking for shops and they would rather go to the closest one. Therefore, it is important that you go to your customers instead of them coming to you. Choose a location that is in a convenient spot that people frequent. Getting a small shop on a busy street is better than getting a big shop on the outskirts of the city. Depending on the type of shop you are running you would have to customise your location. Once you get the location sorted you can get some retail shop fitouts Melbourne to make your shop look good.


To profit from your shop you need to start earning from day one so it is important to do some marketing before you open the shop. This will create a sense of curiosity and that will help bring in the all-important first set of customers.


Running a shop requires a lot of logistics and planning. Starting all the way from ideal commercial shopfitters at the very beginning to making sure you have enough stocks, there is a lot of planning that goes into this. Before you start your business it is important to have a clear idea about how you are going to do things and to have a clear idea about your logistics.If you plan and work well from the very beginning you will have a higher chance of your shop being a success. Following these steps will not only give you a set path to take but it will make starting a shop easier.

What You Should Know When Remodeling Your Basement

At one point we would all wish that there was more space in our homes. In that case, many individuals would recommend for us to move. However, not every individual has the financial means to purchase a house simply because they need more space. In that case, they will consider adding an addition to their existing house. But we all know that this would not be an easy process. That is because not only would this be time-consuming. But it will also require a significant amount of money. Therefore, in that case, you should look for another option. What we would suggest for you to do is renovate your basement. That is because when there is space found inside there is no need to build an addition. We understand that many of you don’t spend time thinking about this room. Instead, you only use it to store items. But if properly renovated you can easily convert this space into something amazing.

Eliminate Moisture

When we are building a house we always make sure that it has waterproofing Sydney. Similarly, when we are purchasing a home this is also something that we check. But we mostly tend to check this fact with regard to bedrooms, kitchen and living room. That is because you don’t normally use the basement. Therefore if it gets flooded every rainy season you would not really consider it to be a problem.However, if you are planning on renovating this space then this would become a huge problem. That is because water can easily damage this space. Thus, that is why you should consider basement waterproofing. This is something that you need to invest in. Furthermore, making this investment would be a blessing for you in the long run.

Ensure There Is Heating & Cooling

If your basement houses the furnace then it would be cosy warm during the winters. But what about the summer months? It is crucial for this space to be cool during this time. We understand that it would not be possible to install windows in that space. But you should still take measures to ensure it would be cool. This means either installing a fan or an air conditioning system.

Electrical Outlets

If you wish to convert this space into a living area you would require electrical outlets. Therefore make sure the existing ones are in working condition. We understand that this assessment would not be something that you can make. Therefore make sure to hire a professional.
Therefore if you follow these tips you would have no problem with the remodel.

Building Your Own Suburban Home

Life goes on and you move on; to a better job with a higher pay, from an apartment to a complete house, from single to a life with a partner and the future hopes of kids. You need a prudent outlook when choosing a partner as well as when planning to build a house of your own. Most do the mistake of replicating a house which they saw in a magazine because they liked it. But you need to consider what rooms and spaces you’d like to have, what type of activities you are planning, such as gatherings, parties etc. and if you are going to have kids or even pets.

Choosing an architect
When you are deciding on a professional to design your house consider a good reputed architect who comes highly recommended. But that person has to be flexible to accommodate your requests and views too. Basics such as security fencing in Perth, sturdy gate, protected lawn etc. are a must. If you want special sections added such as a library, workout zone, or a TV room you will have to discuss with the architect to contemplate how they can be fitted-in, where and how far one has to be from the other. For example a library can be affected by the moisture from a swimming pool; a TV room might need sound proofing.

Fitting the construction to the land
It is important that you make maximum use of the land you bought to build a house. Some designs are so inconsiderate you have to break parts of the house to find some space for a future construction. Building up can be a bit of an added cost than building on ground, but when you make another floor on-ground space can be saved. As ground space cannot be changed or added, it is practical to build up than horizontally; adding garages, play areas, storage etc. must be done with utmost care and after listening to professionals.

Consider what you can forego
Building a house anew is not an easy task and not an economical task either. You need to spend some real money here and although it is technically an investment, the paybacks are not immediate. Therefore if you can use low cost options or replace a costly option with a low-cost one, you should take that opportunity. For example if you are having a swimming pool done you may think that the enclosure must be secured. But since building a wall around the pool is quite expensive you can use temporary pool fence hire at any instance you need without putting up a permanent structure. As the making of a new house will take a big bite out of your savings or out of your monthly salary when repaying a mortgage make sure you build the perfect place that you would love to live in. It goes without saying that it must be secured and designed to fit all your demands too.