Health And Safety At Work

Health and safety of the employees at work is a very important aspect that every employer needs to be mindful of. There are many dire consequences that employers have had to face because of their negligence in maintaining the health and safety levels of employees. Employers are also required by law to ensure the safety of their workers. Which, if failed will be fined or punished severely. Health and safety of employees is a very serious aspect that is given very much importance even by law. 


PPE or Personal Protective Equipment that include safety clothing and other safety equipments are very important. All employees exposed to any kind of hazard must be given the appropriate PPE’s top ensure their safety. And these PPE’s should be of the required standards. It would be foolishness on the part of the employer to cut on costs by buying cheap quality PPE’s. If the employer is found to have used low quality PPE’s for the employees he can be sued. Therefore always ensure that all you PPE’s are of the require standards and qualities.

Near miss accidents

Just as it is important to take preventive measures to stop all accidents, near miss accidents should also be reduced to a minimum. It is very important that you bring down the level of near miss accidents too. For this you have to ensure that all your employees are well versed in the safety procedures and all are taking the necessary precautions. If you are having technicians then they should be given welding training to ensure that they do it properly, in the correct ways. Always take the health and safety of employees as a top priority. Go here  for more information about welding training. 


When an accident occurs due to negligence of the company or the employee finally it is both parties that have to face huge consequences. When an accident occurs there are huge costs both direct and indirect involved! You can completely eliminate accidents by following the proper safety procedures and taking action to implement all the rules and regulations in regard to it. When an employee is doing any repairing work, the welding inspector should not only look at the quality of the job but also if the employee is wearing the necessary PPE’s.


The consequences as mentioned above can be very dire. This is why they should implement all the necessary strategies perfectly! Costs of the accidents are one thing. But there are other effects too. The employees will not be performing at their fullest potential since they would be afraid of working fast due to the fear of accidents. Also employees will tend to leave the organizations if the proper health and safety procedures are not implemented.