How To Make Your Work Space A Place Your Employees Will Love?

Whether your target is more efficient work getting done, or running for an “employer of the year” competition, here are a few tips that ensure that your employees will love their work place…

Make it a stress free zone

One of the hardest parts about working, ironically, happens to be difficult bosses. Research says that most people don’t really mind having to work a little harder, or stay after hours, as far as they are working with a cooperative team and boss. Minimize the yelling and the criticizing. Adopt the habit of public praising, but private reprimanding. Motivate and encourage them to do better instead of simply yelling at them for a botched up job. Remember to lead by example; if you are polite and supportive to your employees, those working under you will also have to work accordingly.

Accessible for all

Thankfully, the current world is one that is in general, accessible for all. People of all races and ethnicities work together, and in most workplaces, age is but a simple number; for now, we know age does not equal to experience or intelligence. However, there are still some workplaces that are not very accessible for disabled people. Wheelchair accessibility is a must if you don’t want this; and disability lifts are a simple and quick solution for this.

Encourage after work socializing

One of the easiest ways to make sure you don’t feel caged in or overly stressed out at work, is to make friends at your work place. However, socializing within the work hours is not very practical; there’s just too many deadlines to meet and too many things that demand your attention. Instead, encourage your employees to hang out after work. While food will generally break the ice, sweating it off together at a gym will also forge a solid bond between your employees. It’s also a good idea to encourage healthy work place habits like bringing their own lunches (as opposed to ordering) or taking the stairs instead of passenger lifts.

A break from the work and work related stress

Highly stressful jobs can get exhausting pretty fast. Taking a few minutes off between tasks is generally encouraged, simply because it helps you focus and work more efficiently after. Make your employees break time worth it. have a break room, furnished with a kitchenette or at least a coffee machine. Having a comfy sofa in there will also help if they simply want to rest their back for a few seconds by lying down. Remember, it’s been proven that grabbing a 20 minute power nap can rejuvenate the mind and amp up the creativity; so perhaps it’s a good idea to turn a blind eye if an employee decides to snooze for a few seconds…!