Improve Your Kitchenette Simply And Quickly!

If you are living in a small apartment or home, you might not have a very big kitchen – or sometimes, a kitchenette (basically, a small kitchen) is all that is available to you. You cannot exactly make space for a bigger kitchen designs Sydney unless you move locations, but you can do one thing: you can maximize the usage of what space is given to you. In fact, with careful planning, even a small kitchenette can look spacious. Below are some ideal tips to follow – so read on!

  • Make use of vertical space – if you have a high ceiling, put it to good use by utilizing as much as possible of the vertical space you have. This means going beyond the usual overhead cabinets, and adding storage compartments on top of the overhead cabinets as well during your next Your next question is probably how you will reach these; the answer is through the rolling ladders you can see in libraries. Of course, this means that you should not store frequently used items and products in these top-most storages.
  • Avoid islands – we all know that one of the most popular additions to custom kitchens is a kitchen island, but if you are lacking space, this is definitely one of the least recommended additions to a kitchen. The reason is quite simple: the kitchen island goes right in the middle of the room, which means you need to have enough space between it and the rest of the fixtures and fittings alongside the room (that is, the counters and other kitchen appliances). If there is not enough space, you will find moving in the kitchen very difficult – you can forget about having someone help you in the kitchen afterwards.
  • Use breakfast counters – another ideal addition if you lack space is in the form of breakfast counters. If you live in an apartment, chances are you do not have a dining room, which is why adding a breakfast counter can also serve as a pseudo-dining room. Add two to three chairs at most, and since counters tend to be taller than the conventional dining tables, make sure you are buying bar stools or something similar.
  • Store pots and pans overhead – another way to utilize vertical space is through storing your pots and pans overhead. Have you seen how bars tend to store their glasses? Indeed, through hanging glass racks. You can adopt this exact idea, but since you definitely won’t be having that many glasses, you can instead use hooks or the like to store pots and pans by their handles. Make sure to properly secure the rack, however!kitchen-service